Deliveries are always made at our current prices. With the release of the new price, all previous price information, as well as information on the old purchase order, becomes invalid. Our price discount applies only to the delivery of specified products to designated customers. We declare that the sales price is non-binding, recommended (so-called) sales price, including the VAT applicable at the time of delivery. Discounts may be awarded retroactively under bonus agreements.


Deliveries usually take place within a short time of inventory. If the products ordered are not in stock at the time of receipt of the order, we reserve the right to make subsequent deliveries at the earliest date. Our use of a delivery date does not entitle the buyer to withdraw from the contract of purchase or to claim damages of any kind. As long as the buyer defaults on our obligations, our delivery obligations will be suspended.


Even if we have to pay the paid freight, it is at buyer’s risk. At the request of the Buyer, we shall assist in claiming any carriage damage provided that the Buyer is able to ensure that no post office, railway or responsible freight agent immediately certifies any carriage damage and provided that he informs us immediately of the damage.

Force majeure

Force majeure, interruption of operations, overexpenditure by upstream suppliers, shortage of raw materials, energy or labor, strikes, shutdowns, difficulties in purchasing means of transportation, disruption of transportation and orders from superior authorities exempt us from the obligation to deliver during the interruption and the scope of impact.


6.1 Unless otherwise agreed with the Buyer, the Seller’s price shall apply to the “EX-factory price”.Packing charge is not included in the room rate.Unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Purchaser, the Purchaser shall pay the net purchase price (no deduction) immediately upon receipt of the invoice.

6.2 We offer a 4% discount for direct deduction and a 2% discount for payment within 14 days.The invoice amount shall not be deducted if payment is made within 30 days after the invoice date and within the pre-agreed destination specified in our invoice or direct payment.The discount is calculated based on the amount of the invoice including VAT.

6.3 After the maturity date, we will pay our claim interest, which is 7% above the ECB rate of default, without further notice.Claims of further harm cannot be ruled out.

6.4 If the claim is more than 30 days overdue (regardless of the agreed terms of payment), all our claims against the Buyer, including minor claims, shall immediately become due.

6.5 The Buyer shall have no right to claim the right or to set off any counterclaim against the right unless such claim is undisputed or established in law.

Retained title

The goods delivered will remain in our possession until all claims, including ancillary claims, are paid in full. The third party must immediately report in writing that the third party has acquired the retained title goods.
Disposal outside the normal operation of the business, such as B. Security transfer, mortgage, etc. are not allowed. Any seizure shall be promptly notified to the Seller, and the mortgagor shall be noted.
If the buyer fails to meet his payment obligations in spite of the seller’s reminder, the seller may demand the delivery of the reserved goods that still belong to him without setting a deadline. The Buyer is responsible for all applicable freight charges. The seller’s seizure of the retained items always means withdrawal from the contract. After the reserved goods are retained, the seller is authorized to dispose of them. The sale proceeds will offset the seller’s liabilities – less reasonable cost of sales.

Work and name tag

Our brand name and the brand name assigned to our products shall be used only with our prior written consent. Our products can only be sold in their original packing. They must not be repackaged, filled or refilled. Foreign sales require our approval.

Part of the invalid

If one of the above conditions is invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.